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Vacuum heat treatment furnace
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Jinzhou Zhongzhen Electric Furnace Co., Ltd is located in a beautiful coastal city in Liaoning province,Jinzhou city.Established in 2000,we are specialized in producing and developing all kind of vacuum and non-vacuum furnaces for industrial application or laboratory use.
We have independent research & development center and factory,our main products:Vacuum induction melting furnace,vacuum Suspension melting furnace,vacuum Quenching Ribbon furnace,vacuum Electric Arc furnace,vacuum Directional Solidification furnace,vacuum heat treating furnace,vacuum semi-continuous casting furnace,vacuum atomizing furnace,vacuum hot press furnace,IGBT power supply,etc.

For a long time,our products sold well both in the domestic and overseas.Our main overseas client are the Middle East countries,Finland,Korea,Japan,Turkey,India,etc.

We have always believe in and follow the principle: “Meet requirements of client,Deliver qualified products and service ” .We provide the best of us at a reasonable price.
Scope of supply:
1、Whole set of all kinds of furnaces.
2、Accept customized equipment,including design and development.
3、Upgrading of vacuum and non-vacuum furnace,power supply,control system,etc.
4、Provide all kinds of furnace and other related accessories.

Jinzhou Zhongzhen Electric Furnace Co., Ltd

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Jinzhou Zhongzhen Electric Furnace Co., Ltd

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