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Vacuum heat treatment furnace
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Heating principle and advantages of vacuum induction suspension furnace

2020-10-15 14:33:39

Vacuum induction suspension furnace is composed of furnace body, upper electrode, lower electrode, lifting structure of furnace cover, rotating lifting structure of upper electrode, lifting structure of suction mold, vacuum system and power system. The furnace body adopts double-layer water-cooled structure, and the inner and outer layers are welded with stainless steel group, and the surface is matte treated. Novel structure and elegant appearance. The control system and furnace body selection are designed in an integrated way, and metal imitation screen is installed. The operation buttons are arranged in a modular way according to their functions and USES, and equipped with imitation graphics, with high recognition and convenient operation. The lower electrode may be fitted with five crucible stations, one of which may be fused by moving the upper electrode. The upper electrode can be moved up and down to facilitate melting operation.

Under the condition of automatic control, the vacuum condition of the vacuum induction suspension furnace is obtained in the electric furnace through the vacuum system. Using the induction heating principle, the IGBT medium frequency power supply is selected and under the effect of electromagnetic field, the melted metal is suspended in the water-cooled copper crucible through the induction coil to ensure the normal operation of pollution-free smelting.

This equipment USES advanced temperature, vacuum detection and other instruments and sensing elements, CNC frequency control system and programmable controller constitute the control center, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

The vacuum system configuration can obtain the high vacuum limit, the pumping speed is big, the improvement produces the efficiency, the vacuum valve chooses the manual, the pneumatic two kinds of methods, chooses the vacuum pneumatic valve to be able to control automatically. The operation and control of tilting pouring device is automatically regulated by numerical control variable frequency speed regulation system. The opening of the furnace cover is achieved by means of a manual hydraulic structure. The water cooling system has the functions of water break, underpressure, waterway overtemperature alarm and protection.

Advantages of vacuum induction suspension furnace:

(1) The composition of the alloy data is easy to be adjusted and controlled, and the alloy composition is uniform after melting;

(2) No pollution of the smelted data;

(3) High production efficiency;

(4) It can combine the two melting methods of vacuum induction melting and vacuum induction maglev melting on the same equipment, and only need to change the melting coil when choosing different melting methods.

Vacuum induction suspension furnace

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