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Vacuum heat treatment furnace
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Precautions for use of vacuum induction suspension furnace

2020-10-15 14:35:45

Precautions for use of vacuum induction suspension furnace:

1, vacuum induction furnace is suspended in recent years, the large development of advanced heat treatment equipment, the workpiece is heated, at far less than a pressure in the oxidation in the heating process is avoided, the vacuum gas quenching furnace in the process of quenching using nitrogen quenching pressure can reach 6-10 bar, so attention should be paid to the limit of the pipeline under pressure and to avoid personal injury of ultralow temperature for operating personnel. The overall interests of vacuum furnace are good quality, energy saving, safety and less pollution.

2. In the operation process of vacuum furnace, the control cabinet of distribution cabinet USES low voltage to control high voltage, so the general operator will not directly contact with high voltage, which is usually 24V or 36V. But the power supply voltage is still 380V, the electrical components inside the distribution cabinet also have 380V voltage, so still want to pay attention to the safety of electricity.

3, vacuum furnace in the process of production, strict to ensure the tightness, which is the prerequisite of vacuum, furnace circulating water also to ensure that no leakage, furnace and other components to join must join with sealing ring and to ensure that the connection surface cleanliness and vacuum grease, daub on the repair, after repair point to each contact surface with acetone and volatile liquid to wipe clean.

4. The workpiece to be installed in the furnace must ensure its cleanliness, surface oil and iron cutting volatilize at high temperature, will pollute the furnace body and plug up some necessary pipes, resulting in the damage of the vacuum furnace. In the process of installing the workpiece to uniform, so that the heating process more uniform, to ensure the uniformity of the furnace temperature. Long work pieces should stand up as much as possible to reduce the deformation caused by gravity at high temperature.

Vacuum induction suspension furnace

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