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Vacuum heat treatment furnace
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Circuit design and maintenance of vacuum induction melting furnace

2020-10-15 14:27:03

When the state of the vacuum induction melting furnace changes, the actual temperature may be contrary to the set value. At this time, the self-tuning function in the temperature controller can be used to correct the violation amount and make the temperature rise strictly in accordance with the set curve. The heating element is the load of the heating power supply, and its data is selected high temperature molybdenum belt, which can work in high temperature state for a long time. The resistance value of the heating element should match the magnetic voltage regulator, otherwise the temperature rise will not go up or the magnetic temperature rise will be high. The main circuit of the heating power supply is the three-phase communication power supply, which is controlled by the communication contactor, and the control circuit is controlled by the temperature controller.

Control circuit design Double-chamber vacuum furnace circuit design as an input unit. In order to meet the requirements of the control cabinet panel operation, active control signal detection and alarm, the input unit includes the knob switches for the starting of incoming and outgoing materials, the movement of the workpiece car, the isolation switch, the operation of the vacuum unit, the air charging valve, the start and stop of the fan, the air release valve, heating, the selection of vacuum valve and operation, as well as the limit switches and alarm signals. The output unit includes the heating communication contactor, the vacuum unit, the workpiece car, the vacuum valve, the isolation guard, the charging and releasing valve, the charging and releasing valve, the partial pressure valve, the releasing valve, the indicator light and so on, and the sound-light alarm. Manual operation is mainly used for debugging and protection of vacuum furnace. After the operation is input, the corresponding actuator element moves. Each element is set as interlock to prevent misoperation. Active operation is applied to the normal operation of the vacuum furnace. It is an active control signal detected. After judgment, active control is carried out according to the application program.

Vacuum induction melting furnace

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