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Vacuum heat treatment furnace
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Safe operation rules for vacuum induction melting furnace

2020-10-15 14:51:10

To introduce the safe operation rules of vacuum induction melting furnace:

1. Intermediate frequency power supply, vacuum furnace, cooling water source of induction ring - the water in the reservoir must be full and free of impurities.
2. Operate the water pump to make the medium frequency power supply, vacuum furnace induction ring, furnace cooling system water circulation normal, and adjust the water pressure control at the specified value.
3. Check the vacuum pump power system, the belt plate belt is elastic, and whether the vacuum pump oil is located in the middle line of the oil sealing survey hole. After check, manually roll the vacuum pump belt disc. If there is no abnormality, the vacuum pump can be started under the condition of closed butterfly valve.
4. Check the condition of the vacuum furnace body, it is required that the vacuum furnace body shall be hygienic, the induction ring shall be well insulated, the vacuum sealing tape shall be elastic, and the dimension shall be qualified.
5. Check whether the lever handle of vacuum furnace is sensitive.
6. Check to see if the rolling McIntosh meets the requirements.
7. Check whether the graphite crucible and furnace fittings are complete.
8. When the above is ready, switch on the power supply and switch on the intermediate frequency power supply. According to the intermediate frequency starting rules, try to start the frequency conversion. After the conversion is stopped successfully, the furnace can be started.
9. For the investigation and temperature measuring holes of the upper cover of the vacuum furnace, it is necessary to clean and treat each time the furnace is opened for the purpose of investigation and temperature measuring.
10. The corresponding method of furnace loading should be adopted according to different sintered products. Plate in accordance with the relevant raw material loading rules, do not change at will.
11. In order to maintain a constant temperature and prevent thermal radiation, two layers of carbon fiber were added to the heating crucible, and then the insulation screen was put on the heating crucible.
12. Line up the vacuum sealing tape.
13. Operate lever handle, roll vacuum furnace top cover and furnace body close overlap, put down the top cover, and lock the fixation nut.
14. Slowly turn over the butterfly valve and pump the furnace air until the vacuum reaches the rated value.

Vacuum induction melting furnace

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