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Vacuum heat treatment furnace
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Model and parameters of vacuum induction suspension furnace

2020-10-15 14:42:33

Vacuum induction suspension furnace, an industrial equipment, USES IGBT power supply to realize non-contact melting of metal and crucible under the condition of vacuum or filled with protective gas, which can greatly reduce the pollution of crucible to the smelted metal and improve the metal purity.
Vacuum suspension melting furnace
1. Device model: CXZGX-0.1
I. Use of equipment
1, the selection of horizontal furnace, side door structure, easy to feed in and out, compact furnace structure, small space. Crucible reflects more strong data (such as titanium and its alloys) shows its advantage. It is widely used in the industrial casting of titanium, zirconium and their alloys. ZGX series vacuum induction suspension furnace is specially designed for data science and research, so it is a special modern high purity smelting equipment.
2. Device model: CXZGX-0.1
Second, the primary technical parameters
1. Limit vacuum degree of cold state: 6.67× 10-3Pa
2. Temperature: 2000℃
3. Rated power: 25KW
4. Crucible capacity: 20-100g (in liquid steel)
5. Pressure rise rate: ≤2Pa/h
6. Power supply: Special power supply for suspension
7. Frequency (KHZ) : 15-20KHZ (frequency active tracking)
8. Induction coil: special coil for suspension furnace
9. Crucible: copper crucible for suspension

Vacuum induction suspension furnace

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