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How to remove the ash in vacuum melting furnace correctly

2020-09-10 15:03:28

It is well known that vacuum melting furnace is mainly used for heating equipment in vacuum environment. Although the vacuum furnace is used in a vacuum environment, a lot of scale and garbage will occur in the process of application. If these wastes are not disposed in time, the maintenance difficulty of vacuum melting furnace will be greatly increased, and even the service life of vacuum melting furnace will be reduced.

The consistency of these scales varies from place to place in the boiler, and because of the melting point of ash and the effect of condensation, some scales are liquid or semi-liquid, and some are dry solids. Of course, dry solid scale is ideal. If these scales are not removed in time, they will bring adverse consequences to the vacuum furnace.

So what should we do with the dirt? In order to ensure the service life and work efficiency of vacuum furnace?
1, because the vacuum furnace flue gas with an appropriate amount of sulfur dioxide, water will become sulfur trioxide (commonly known as dilute sulfuric acid), to the appearance of the heat exchange tube caused corrosion. So in the use of the process, the need to avoid the corrosion of sulfur trioxide, destroy the furnace.
2, because the vacuum furnace heating surface scale will be thicker and thicker, constitute the insulation layer, directly affect the heat exchange, reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Vacuum furnace in the use of a time, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance, clear scale, to avoid more thick.
3, because the scale on the heat exchanger tube wall is thicker and thicker, suitable for the heat exchanger tube is thicker and thicker, so as to reduce the ventilation sectional area between the heat exchanger tube, increase the resistance of smoke emission, to the normal combustion of the boiler will bring certain influence. The need for targeted protection, the removal of scale.

Vacuum melting furnace

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